Zyloric 100mg

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Risk Factors:

Contraindications: Severe hypersensitivity to allopurinol.


PO: Management of primary or secondary gout (e.g. acute attack nephropathy).
Treatment of secondary hyperuricemia that may occur during cancer treatment.
Management of recurrent uric acid and calcium oxalate calculi. Injectionection:
Management of elevated uric acid in cancer treatment for leukemia lymphoma
or solid tumor malignancies

Adverse Effects:

Occasional: PO: Drowsiness unusual hair loss. IV: Rash nausea vomiting.
Rare: Diarrhea headache.
Adverse effects/toxic reactions
Pruritic maculopapular rash possibly accompanied by malaise fever chills
joint pain nausea vomiting should be considered a toxic reaction. Severe
hypersensitivity reaction may follow appearance of rash. Bone marrow
depression hepatotoxicity peripheral neuritis acute renal failure occur rarely.

Don’t Use:

Renal/hepatic impairment; pts taking diuretics merCapsoltopurine or
azaTHIOprine other drugs causing myelosuppression. Do not use in
asymptomatic hyperuricemia.

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