Sinedopa 25/250mg

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Generic: Carbidopa 25mg + Levodopa 250mg
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Risk Factors:

Pregnancy: Risk cannot be ruled out. Lactation: Contraindicated or not recommended. Contraindications: Severe psychosis narrow angle glaucoma history of malignant melanoma.


Idiopathic post encephalitic and arteriosclerotic Parkinsonism.

Adverse Effects:

Cardiac and CNS disturbances GI upset anorexia BP change psychiatric disorders dystonia wt change anaemia skin reactions hyperhidrosis alopecia peripheral
oedema dry mouth dyspnoea oropharyngeal pain aspiration pneumonia dysgeusia fatigue asthenia urinary retention and incontinence neck pain vit 86/812
deficiency increased blood homocysteine complications of tube insertion. Urine discolouration.

Don’t Use:

Precautions: Cardiovascular hepatic renal pulmonary or endocrine disease recent Ml. History of psychosis. Monitor for mental changes depression and suicidal
ideation. Peptic ulceration history of convulsions wide angle glaucoma. Monitor blood values hepatic renal and cardiovascular function. Risk of sudden sleep onset
and dopamine dysregulation syndrome. Monitor for impulse control disorders incl pathological gambling hypersexuality compulsive spending or eating. Withdraw

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