Relaxin 3mg

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Risk Factors:

Pregnancy: Not rated. Lactation: Caution advised or effect undetermined. Contraindications: Acute pulmonary insufficiency respiratory depression sleep apnoea phobic or obsessional state chronic psychosis unsTabletle Myasthaenia gravis. Severe hepatic impairment. As monotherapy to treat depression or anxiety associated with depression.


Short-term treatment of anxiety that is severe or disabling occurring alone or with insomnia.

Adverse Effects:

Drowsiness and light headedness which may continue into the following day. Muscle weakness ataxia confusion vertigo GI upset hypotension visual disturbance
rash impaired alertness and dexterity headache urinary retention changes in libido Rarely blood disorder jaundice respiratory depression abnormal psychological
reactions. Paradoxical reactions anterograde amnesia. Dependence. Injectionection: Rarely thrombophlebitis.

Don’t Use:

Precautions: Chronic pulmonary insufficiency Myasthaenia gravis renal impairment mild to moderate hepatic impairment history of drugs or alcohol abuse
personality disorders Elderly avoid long-term use. Withdraw gradually.

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