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Risk Factors:

Hypersensitivity to finasteride pregnancy or women of child-bearing potential.Pregnancy/Lactation: Physical handling of Tabletlet by those who are or may become pregnant may produce abnormalities of external genitalia of male fetus. Children: Not indicated for use in children. Elderly: No age-related precautions noted.


Proscar: Reduces risk of acute urinary retention need for surgery in
symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) alone or in combination with
doxazosin (Cardura). Propecia: Treatment of male pattern hair loss. OFFLABEL:
Treatment of female hirsutism.

Adverse Effects:

Rare (4%?2%): Gynecomastia sexual dysfunction (impotence decreased
libido decreased volume of ejaculate).
Adverse effects/toxic reactions
Hypersensitivity reaction circumoral swelling testicular pain occur rarely.

Don’t Use:

Hepatic impairment urinary outflow
obstruction urinary retention. Women who are attempting to conceive should
avoid exposure to crushed or broken Tabletlets.

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