Norasia 400 mg ORAL

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Generic: Norfloxacin 400 mg ORAL
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Risk Factors:

Pregnancy: Contraindicated in pregnancy. Lactation: Contraindicated or not recommended. Contraindications: Prepubertal children and growing adolescents


Cystitis pyelitis cystopyelitis pyelonephritis specially infections caused by multiple resistant problem organisms. Typhoid/paratyphoid fever and acute

Adverse Effects:

Nausea headache dizziness rash heartburn abdominal cramps diarrhoea. Anorexia sleep disturbances anxiety irriTabletility convulsions hypersensitivity reactions
confusion paraesthesia haemolytic anaemia pancreatitis hepatitis. Photosensitivity; avoid excessive sunlight.

Don’t Use:

Precautions: History of or predisposition to seizures Myasthaenia gravis GGPD deficiency QT prolongation hypokalaemia bradycardia. Avoid excessive sunlight.
Consider pseudomembranous colitis if diarrhoea occurs.

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