Frusemide 40mg

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Risk Factors:

Pregnancy". Risk cannot be ruled out. Lactation: Caution advised or effect undetermined. Contraindications: Renal failure with anuria hypokalaemia hyponatraemia hypotension hypersensitivity to sulphonamides in pregnancy for short time and if strictly indicated. Comatose or precomatose states associated with liver cirrhosis or encephalopathy hypovolaemia dehydration. Addison's disease.


Furosemide is used to reduce extra fluid in the body (edema) caused by conditions such as heart failure liver disease and kidney disease

Adverse Effects:

Disorders of electrolyte balance dehydration allergic reactions GI upset hypotension rash hyperuricaemia hyperglycaemia raised serum creatinine.

Don’t Use:

Precautions: Furosemide may pass into breast milk and inhibit lactation stop breast feeding. Prostatic hypertrophy or impaired micturition. Monitor fluid and
electrolyte balance renal function and blood counts. Diabetes gout renal or hepatic impairment hepatorenal syndrome hypotension adrenal disease. Elderly.

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