Entamizole 200 mg/500mg

Manufacturer: Abbott
Generic: Metronidazole 200 mg + Diloxanide 500 mg
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Risk Factors:

Pregnancy: Contraindicated in pregnancy. Lactation: Contraindicated or not recommended.


Indications Amoebiasis and other systemic disease due to other E. histolytica. Giardiasis.

Adverse Effects:

GI distress. METRONIDAZOLE: Gl upset dysgeusia leucopenia urticaria angioedema CNS disturbances dark urine. Neuropathy and epileptiform seizures on long
term therapy. Severe bullous skin reactions.

Don’t Use:

Precautions: METRONIDAZOLE: Hepatic impairment or hepatic encephalopathy. Haemodialysis. Active or chronic severe peripheral and CNS disease. Treatment
duration exceeding 10 days; clinical and laboratory monitoring recommended. Cockayne syndrome; monitor LFTs before during and after treatment.

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