Presolone 5 mg oral

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Risk Factors:

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to methylprednisolone. Administration of live or attenuated virus vaccines systemic fungal infection Idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura.Pregnancy/Lactation: Crosses placenta. Distributed in breast milk. May cause cleft palate (chronic use in first trimester). Breastfeeding not recommended. Children: Prolonged treatment or high dosages may decrease short-term growth rate cortisol secretion. Elderly: No age-related precautions noted.


Anti-inflammatory or immunosuppressant in treatment of hematologic allergic
inflammatory autoimmune or neoplastic disorders. OFF-LABEL: Acute spinal
cord Injectionury.

Adverse Effects:

Frequent: Insomnia heartburn anxiety abdominal distention diaphoresis acne
mood swings increased appetite facial flushing GI distress delayed wound
healing increased susceptibility to infection diarrhea constipation. Occasional:
Headache edema tachycardia change in skin color frequent urination
depression. Rare: Psychosis increased blood coagulability hallucinations.
Adverse effects/toxic reactions
Long-term therapy: Hypocalcemia hypokalemia muscle wasting (esp. in
arms legs) osteoporosis spontaneous fractures amenorrhea cataracts
glaucoma peptic ulcer HF. Abrupt withdrawal after long-term therapy:
Anorexia nausea fever headache severe arthralgia rebound inflammation
fatigue weakness lethargy dizziness orthostatic hypotension.

Don’t Use:

Respiratory tuberculosis
untreated systemic infections hypertension HF diabetes GI disease (e.g. peptic
ulcer) myasthenia gravis renal/hepatic impairment seizures cataracts
glaucoma following acute MI thyroid disorder thromboembolic tendencies
cardiovascular disease elderly pts psychiatric conditions pts at risk for

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