Lagintal 250 mg

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Risk Factors:

Hypersensitivity to lamoTRIgine...Pregnancy/Lactation: Distributed in breast milk. Breastfeeding not recommended. Increased fetal risk of oral cleft formation has been noted with use during pregnancy. Children: Safety and efficacy not esTabletlished in pts younger than 18 yrs with bipolar disorder or in pts younger than 13 yrs with epilepsy. Elderly: Age-related renal impairment may require dosage adjustment.


Immediate-Release: Adjunctive therapy in adults and children 2 yrs of age and
older with generalized tonic-clonic seizures partial seizures and generalized
seizures of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Conversion to monotherapy in adults
treated with another enzyme-inducing antiepileptic drug (EIAED) (e.g. valproic
acid carBAMazepine phenytoin PHENobarbital or primidone as the single
antiepileptic drug). Long-term maintenance treatment of bipolar disorder.
Treatment of pts 2 yrs and older with primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures.
Extended-release: Adjunctive therapy for primary generalized tonic-clonic and
partial-onset seizures in pts 13 yrs and older. Conversion to monotherapy in pt
13 yrs and older with partial seizures receiving treatment with a single
antiepileptic drug (AED).

Adverse Effects:

Frequent (38%?14%): Dizziness headache diplopia ataxia nausea blurred
vision drowsiness rhinitis. Occasional (10%?5%): Rash pharyngitis
vomiting cough flu-like symptoms diarrhea dysmenorrhea fever insomnia
dyspepsia. Rare: Constipation tremor anxiety pruritus vaginitis
hypersensitivity reaction.
Adverse effects/toxic reactions
Abrupt withdrawal may increase seizure frequency. Serious rashes including
Stevens-Johnson syndrome have been reported. May increase risk of suicidal
thoughts and behavior.

Don’t Use:

impairment pts at high risk of suicide pts taking estrogen-containing oral
contraceptives history of adverse hematologic reaction.

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