Faxim 550 mg

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Risk Factors:

Pregnancy/Lactation: Unknown if drug is distributed in breast milk. Children: Safety and efficacy not esTabletlished in pts younger than 12 yrs for traveler?s diarrhea; younger than 18 yrs for IBS-D. Elderly: No age-related precautions noted.Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to rifAXIMin other rifamycin antibiotics.


Treatment of traveler?s diarrhea caused by noninvasive strains of E. coli.
Reduction of risk for recurrence of overt hepatic encephalopathy. Treatment of
irriTabletle bowel syndrome with diarrhea (IBS-D) in adults. OFF-LABEL:
Treatment of hepatic encephalopathy. Treatment of C. difficile?associated

Adverse Effects:

Occasional (11%?5%): Flatulence headache abdominal discomfort rectal
tenesmus defecation urgency nausea. Rare (4%?2%): Constipation fever
Adverse effects/toxic reactions
Hypersensitivity reaction superinfection occur rarely.

Don’t Use:

Severe hepatic impairment

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