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Risk Factors:

Hypersensitivity to diazepam. Acute narrow-angle glaucoma untreated open-angle glaucoma severe respiratory depression severe hepatic insufficiency sleep apnea syndrome myasthenia gravis. Children younger than 6 mos (oral).Pregnancy/Lactation: Crosses placenta. Distributed in breast milk. May increase risk of fetal abnormalities if administered during first trimester of pregnancy. Chronic ingestion during pregnancy may produce withdrawal symptoms CNS depression in neonates. Children/Elderly: Use small initial doses with gradual increases to avoid ataxia excessive sedation. Elderly at increased risk of impaired cognition delirium falls fractures.


Short-term relief of anxiety symptoms relief of acute alcohol withdrawal.
Adjunct for relief of acute musculoskeletal conditions treatment of seizures (IV
route used for termination of status epilepticus). Gel: Control of increased
seizure activity in refractory epilepsy in pts on sTabletle regimens. OFF-LABEL:
Treatment of panic disorder. Short-term treatment of spasticity in children with
cerebral palsy. Sedation for mechanically vented pts in ICU.

Adverse Effects:

Frequent: Pain with IM Injectionection drowsiness fatigue ataxia. Occasional:
Slurred speech orthostatic hypotension headache hypoactivity constipation
nausea blurred vision. Rare: Paradoxical CNS reactions
(hyperactivity/nervousness in children excitement/restlessness in
elderly/debilitated pts) generally noted during first 2 wks of therapy particularly
in presence of uncontrolled pain.
Adverse effects/toxic reactions
IV route may produce pain swelling thrombophlebitis carpal tunnel syndrome.
Abrupt or too-rapid withdrawal may result in pronounced restlessness
irriTabletility insomnia hand tremor abdominal/muscle cramps diaphoresis
vomiting seizures. Abrupt withdrawal in pts with epilepsy may produce increase
in frequency/severity of seizures. Overdose results in drowsiness confusion
diminished reflexes CNS depression coma. Antidote: Flumazenil

Don’t Use:

Pts receiving other CNS depressants or
psychoactive agents depression history of drug and alcohol abuse renal/hepatic
impairment respiratory disease impaired gag reflex concurrent use of strong
CYP3A4 inhibitors or inducers.

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