Dygab 75mg

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Generic: Pregabalin 75mg
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Risk Factors:



Peripheral and central neuropathic pain; adjunctive therapy for partial seizures with or without secondary generalization.

Adverse Effects:

Dry mouth constipation nausea vomiting flatulence; oedema; dizziness drowsiness somnolence nasopharyngitis sedation insomnia disorientation decreased
libido ataxia tremor dysarthria hypoaesthesia dry mouth GI upset erectile dysfunction musculoskeletal pain back and limb pain muscle cramps cervical spasm
irriTabletility attention disturbance disturbances in muscle control and movement memory impairment paraesthesia euphoria confusion fatigue appetite changes
weight gain; changes in sexual function; visual disturbances and ocular disorders (including blurred vision diplopia eye strain and eye irritation). CHF angioedema
renal failure and encephalopathy.

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