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Risk Factors:

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to ciprofloxacin other quinolones. Concurrent use of tiZANidine.Pregnancy/Lactation: Unknown if distributed in breast milk. If possible do not use during pregnancy/lactation (risk of arthropathy to fetus/infant). Children: Arthropathy may occur if given to children younger than 18 yrs. Elderly: Agerelated renal impairment may require dosage adjustment.


Treatment of susceptible infections due to E. coli K. pneumoniae E. cloacae P. mirabilis P. vulgaris P. aeruginosa H. influenzae M. catarrhalis S. pneumoniae S. aureus (methicillin susceptible) S. epidermidis S. pyogenes C. jejuni Shigella spp. S. typhi including intra-abdominal bone joint lower respiratory tract skin/skin structure infections; UTIs infectious diarrhea prostatitis sinusitis typhoid fever febrile neutropenia. Ophthalmic: Treatment of superficial ocular infections. Otic: Treatment of acute otitis externa due to susceptible strains of P. aeruginosa or S. aureus. OFF-LABEL: Treatment of chancroid. Acute pulmonary exacerbations in cystic fibrosis disseminated gonococcal infections prophylaxis to Neisseria meningitidis following close contact with infected person. Infectious diarrhea (children); periodontitis.

Adverse Effects:

Frequent (5%?2%): Nausea diarrhea dyspepsia vomiting constipation
flatulence confusion crystalluria. Ophthalmic: Burning crusting in corner of
eye. Occasional (less than 2%): Abdominal pain/discomfort headache rash.
Ophthalmic: Altered taste sensation of foreign body in eye eyelid redness
itching. Rare (less than 1%): Dizziness confusion tremors hallucinations
hypersensitivity reaction insomnia dry mouth paresthesia.
Adverse effects/toxic reactions
Superinfection (esp. enterococcal fungal) nephropathy cardiopulmonary arrest
cerebral thrombosis may occur. Hypersensitivity reaction (rash pruritus blisters
edema burning skin) photosensitivity have occurred. Sensitization to
ophthalmic form may contraindicate later systemic use of ciprofloxacin. May
exacerbate muscle weakness in pts with myasthenia gravis. Dermatologic
conditions such as toxic epidermal necrolysis Stevens-Johnson syndrome have
been reported. Cases of severe hepatotoxicity have occurred. May increase risk
of tendonitis tendon rupture.

Don’t Use:

Renal impairment CNS disorders
seizures rheumatoid arthritis history of QT prolongation uncorrected
hypokalemia hypomagnesemia myasthenia gravis. Suspension not used through
feeding or gastric tubes. Use in children (due to adverse events to
joints/surrounding tissue).

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