Averon 8 mg

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Generic: Ondansetron 8 mg
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Risk Factors:

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to ondansetron other HT3 antagonists. Use of apomorphine.Pregnancy/Lactation: Unknown if drug crosses placenta or is distributed in breast milk. Children: Safety and efficacy not esTabletlished in children younger than 1 mo. Elderly: No age-related precautions noted.


Prevention/treatment of nausea/vomiting due to cancer chemotherapy (including
high-dose CISplatin). Prevention and treatment of postop nausea vomiting.
Prevention of radiation-induced nausea vomiting. OFF-LABEL: Breakthrough
treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy hyperemesis

Adverse Effects:

Frequent (13%?5%): Anxiety dizziness drowsiness headache fatigue
constipation diarrhea hypoxia urinary retention. Occasional (4%?2%):
Abdominal pain xerostomia fever feeling of cold redness/pain at Injectionection site
paresthesia asthenia (loss of strength energy). Rare (1%): Hypersensitivity
reaction (rash pruritus) blurred vision.
Adverse effects/toxic reactions
Hypertension acute renal failure GI bleeding respiratory depression coma
extrapyramidal effects occur rarely. QT interval prolongation torsades de
pointes may occur.

Don’t Use:

Mild to moderate hepatic impairment pts at risk for
QT prolongation or ventricular arrhythmia (congenital long QT prolongation
medications prolonging QT interval hypokalemia hypomagnesemia).

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